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In the wake of Measure E's defeat in June 2010, the Board of Education approved $7 million worth of cuts for 2010-11:

- layoff of 130 teachers, as well as middle and high school counselors;

- reduction of funds for special education, adult education, maintaining facilities, "gifted and talented" education;

- reduction of funds for textbooks, classroom supplies, computers, materials, paper, copying, and art supplies;

- implemention eight furlough days for all district employees, resulting in no professional development days for teachers and 5 less days of instruction for all students.

Without another parcel tax, the district expects to have to cut another $10 million in employees and programs in between 2011 and 2013, by, among other measures, increasing class sizes to 32:1; eliminating some music, PE, and media teachers; and closing one middle school, one high school and as many as four elementary schools.The district also expects to lay off dozens more teachers next year.

Announcing Alameda SOS

This week saw the launch of Alameda Save Our Schools (Alameda SOS), a new committee to campaign for a replacement parcel tax for Alameda’s public schools. This is excellent news for all who aim to protect public education in Alameda. If you signed up to help APLUS, you should have already received a welcome message from Alameda SOS, otherwise please visit Alameda SOS’s website to find out the latest on the campaign, how you can contribute financially, and how you can help out with the campaign.

With the launch of Alameda SOS, APLUS is winding down its activities. We’d like to thank everyone who worked on the Measure E campaign, and the voters of Alameda who voted in such large numbers to support Alameda’s public schools. We look forward to Alamedans supporting their schools with a replacement parcel tax in the coming months.